You need to know that the servers feeding your important data to the world are safe and running in optimal operating conditions. We’ve made sure they are.

A climate control system from Liebert keeps the equipment in the datacenter cool at all times. The DataPeer datacenter is equipped with an FM-200-based fire suppression system. It operates by discharging a gas onto any burning material that absorbs large amounts of heat from the surface of the burning material, bringing its temperature below the ignition point. It reacts instantly to minimize any possible damage. 

The entry system to our datacenter requires two forms of authorization. First, an authorized employee must swipe an access card through a scanner. The next part of the authorization process is a fingerprint scan, which ensures no one can get in with a stolen card. Only a small number of employees are authorized to enter the datacenter.

All activity in the datacenter and our corporate office is monitored by closed-circuit cameras.

Our datacenter is located just minutes away from local police who can respond to any suspicious activity immediately.