E-mail. E-commerce. E-everything. The online word revolves around that letter: E. Electronics. Electricity. Itís the driving force behind everything we do. Cut it off, and all the technology we depend on is useless.

Inspire CyberNETís redundant power supply configuration ensures your dedicated server will never be cut off. 

Electrical power comes into the Inspire CyberNET datacenter from two separate power grids. In the extremely unlikely event that both fail simultaneously, high-end Uninterruptible Power Supply systems keep your server and our other systems running without missing a beat. On-location diesel generators take over for the power grids in case of an extended outage. We have trucks on-call at all times to refuel the diesel generators so that they can be used indefinitely.

Because of this level of redundancy, your server will always have power, as will our electronic security and climate control systems and network equipment.